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Workforce Education (WE) at Davis Technical College provides companies and individuals with the latest knowledge and skills needed to maintain employment. These skills will make you and/or your company highly marketable and valuable. The courses found within WE expand the range of educational opportunities offered by the College and are designed to effectively train your workforce using cutting edge industry methods.

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Workforce Education (WE)

WE courses are open to employees and are taught by industry experts in state-of-the-art facilities. The College and WE department are committed to being a valuable resource for local employers.

  • WE provides flexible and customized classes
  • WE helps organizations train and retain employees
  • WE provides real-world applications taught by industry experts
  • WE Changes Lives
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Hill Air Force Base Partnership

Davis Technical College takes an active role in supporting Hill AFB with its training needs. For over 30 years the college has been providing trainings directly in line with enhancing its workforce. This includes the Federal Pathways Internship Program (previously S.C.E.P).

If you are interested in employment with Hill AFB, you can search for job postings on Linked In:

Remember that your resume is EVERYTHING, as stated here.

If it is posted as a Pathways Internship position, and requires you to be enrolled in a minimum 1-year "certification" with an approved technical college, you should consider attending the Davis Technical College, to meet that requirement.

As the person applying for the position, you are responsible for ensuring that the program you are enrolling into, does meet all the requirements listed within the job description.  Here are some programs to consider:

To learn more about the Pathways Program, please click here.

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