What does Custom Fit have to offer your company?
Funding: Up to 40% of training costs may be paid for your company
Customer Service: A designated training representative is available to help determine your company’s training needs and obtain competitive bids
Customization: Training is customized to meet the needs of your organization
Ease: Training programs can be established quickly in-person or via email, fax, or on the phone
Economic Development: Your company will be assisted with sustaining growth for the betterment of Davis and Morgan Counties
Flexibility: Training can be held at the Davis Technical College, at your company, or at another training facility depending upon your needs
Quality: State-of-the-art training and development is provided by world-class instructors

Our goal is to assist your company in building and maintaining a superior workforce to strengthen your organization’s competitive edge. Qualifying is easy! If your company is for-profit and is located in Davis or Morgan counties, schedule an appointment today or fill out the assessment form below to establish your Custom Fit plan.

Pre-approval is required for all training and can include instructor and registration fees as well as books and materials.